Monday 22nd July

This week I completed a large chuck of the principle art for Inspirisles. I also updated some of the posts from last week with setting flavour, descriptions and mechanics.

The RPG Workshop was completed and my mentee was pleased with my input. Hopefully he will publish some time in September.

I am currently waiting on the edits from Dark Galaxies Gaming (@DarkGalaxiesDM) and then the next writing assignment will begin.

I also removed the pages of blog, as no-one was looking beyond the posts. It now feels more streamlined and able to connect more readily with my readers.

For the week ahead, I will continue to produce art for Inspirisles. I will also work on expanding the mechanics. I should arrive at the Scriv’s Tour section of campaign, where I will describe the 10 locations players will discover, story hooks called ‘Inspirinsights’ and a challenge rating for each element.

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